Down to 60

One minute. Two thirds of the Planet.

"lf you do it right, one minute is all you need."

NOW PLAYING: Sixty second info videos that hit all those crucial points in a light-hearted, enthusiastic way. We've put to work years of experience writing itinerarires, guide programs, dive briefings, & baked it all together.  If we do our job right, these videos will hit that sweet spot, WITHOUT hitting information overload.

Finally, we try to use a variety of talent, equipment & styles to keep it interesting AND non-competitive. The hope is, any dive shop or operation leader can feel comfortable attaching this to their own itineraries, instruction, briefing emails, or promo media.

We're always looking for talented & informed volunteers to scout new dive sites, as we expand ever further out. CONTACT US to learn how to help & be a part of the next video!

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