Kenny Dyal pulls back the curtain to bring the entire underwater industry together for you. They share their success stories, expertise, & just plain 'ol advice. Leaders from travel to equipment, aquariums to scuba instructors, mermaids to boat captains, & everything in between. If you love the water, & want to know "how they did it" & "why they do it" ...your wait is over!

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How to become a FULL TIME boat captain AND dive instructor.

How to find Shark's Teeth diving in Venice Beach, FL

NASA NBL medical director talks careers in SCUBA diving.

How to become a MERMAID -with Olive the Alchemist.

Underwater Archaeology for Scuba Divers.

HyperBaric Chambers & Scuba Divers: Myths & Facts

How to start your own Dive Shop with very little $$$... & crush it.

How to quit your high paying job & make your Scuba Diving dream actually WORK.

How Rainbow Reef got so big, & how they 'Teach people to Teach'

How to be a successful Independent Instructor - Mike Dech Scuba Instruction

Why a Pro Scba Instructor became a Mermaid (& how).

How Scuba Diving saved her life after a traumatic car accident.

How Scuba Diving can actually sustain happiness (seriously).

Female Boat Captain & Spearfishing Guide at age 19!

How to keep a 20+ year old dive shop exciting & growing.

Trial Attorney vs Scuba Instructor: Reality in the Courtroom

Real strategies to make money in the Dive Industry.

Professional Analysis of the Dive Industry today, & how to grow it.

Growing Coral, Conservation, & living the island life in Thailand

NAUI Training Department discuss some proven techniques for successful teaching.

After visiting 800+ Dive Shops, former DAN rep starts a shop & PADI Instructor Training Center

How to manage MULTIPLE Dive Shops AND be successful.

Leading both a Training Facility AND a very busy Dive Charter with more women than men!

Dr. Bob Sanders of NASA goes in-depth with the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, & the diving that takes place there.

How to flip a Dive Shop into a successful business (& DOUBLE its size!)

The difference between a regular Boat Captain & a Dive Boat Captain.

Dr. Bob Sanders of NASA's NBL drops priceless insight on how to be a better Scuba Instructor.

Creating a non-profit to teach Scuba Diving Independently 

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