Mini Courses | Featuring expert Guests | Guided by Kenny Dyal

Full Mini-Course suite launches June 1st, 2022 

Bite sized, & easily applied to daily life, business, & the pursuit of all things underwater!

Topics already scheduled include:

  • Opening & Succeeding in a Dive Shop
  • Becoming a Independent Scuba Instructor (& how to grow)
  • How to become a Mermaid
  • How to get Scuba Certified
  • How to get a job as a Dolphin / Animal Trainer at an Aquarium
  • How to get hired on to a Police or Sheriff Dive Team
  • Simple, bizarrely unknown tips to make diving easier.
  • How to become a Scuba Diving Instructor
  • How to become an Underwater Archaeologist
  • Simple ways to make teaching easier, more fun, & more streamlined.
  • Customer Service - how to setup your dive operation for success
  • Retail Space - setting up for success
  • How to inspire a following in any underwater business
  • Understanding Scuba Certifications, including Freediving, Tech Diving & Commercial
  • Gear Servicing: How to streamline, stay organized & succeed in the business of servicing scuba gear
  • How to Travel & Work as a professional scuba diver
  • Avoiding & Beating dive industry burnout
  • Why Dive Trips should be profitable for the organizer (& HOW)
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