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Find Shark's Teeth, & even Megalodon Teeth in Venice, FL | Capt. Michael Nastasio & Kenny Dyal

Local charter captain (& guru) Michael Nastasio lets us in on the secrets, techniques, & tricks to finding "Black Gold". With fossils, horses, whales, dire wolves & sharks ranging from Great Whites to the famous "Meg", we sink our teeth into every question we can think of to get in on the action. Definitely a must for any level of diver to bite off their bucket list.

How to START a Dive Shop with little capital at a young age | with James Carbary & Kenny Dyal

James Carbary of Sweetfish Media interviews Kenny Dyal (host of this Channel) on how he started a dive shop at age 30, with virtually no capital. They also dive into what it takes to open a scuba diving store from scratch, how to form a team, build a brand, & more importantly, a lifelong following of both customers & crew.

"Miss Mermaid Washington" explains the alchemy in becoming a Mermaid | with Olive the Alchemist & Kenny Dyal

Olive is a pioneer in the Mermaid world, from professional character roles with Walt Disney World Entertainment, to Olympic-level water training, & even earning the title of Miss Mermaid Washington 2021. Now an authorized PADI Mermaid Instructor, & a qualified member of the World Mermaid Association, Olive the Alchemist lets us in on how ANYONE can be a part of that world.

Female, Full-time, Scuba Instructor & Boat Captain! | Tracy Allen & Kenny Dyal

Captain Tracy Allen tells us how ANYONE can do all that at such a young age. But perhaps more incredible, is how to do it FULL TIME & make it your livelihood. A must for anyone looking to become a dive instructor, a dive boat captain, make a living it!  Or, for anyone just wants to hear an incredible human being share her story!

The NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab & SCUBA Diving | Dr. Bob Sanders & Kenny Dyal

Yes, astronauts scuba dive...a LOT. In fact, they train for spacewalks underwater! Dr. Bob Sanders is the Medical Director of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas. He discusses everything you want to know about the NBL, astronauts, space suit development, & some incredible wild facts from under the water to outer space!

We learn HOW Rainbow Reef runs so many dive trips, teaches so many classes, & stays busy | with Ross Neil & Kenny Dyal

Ross tells us the actual secret (yes, there is a real, tangible technique here) to how Rainbow Reef in Key Largo, FL grew into the global dive training powerhouse.  He has no trouble directly addressing the "zero to hero" stigma sometimes floated in the industry. A must for anyone wanting to move up the ranks of dive training, dive leadership, or a thirst for growing ANY business to new levels of success.

From Private Yachts to a Crippling Car Accident | Emily Lucy & Kenny Dyal

She was flown in private jets, taught on private yachts, & was even invited to private Caribbean islands to teach SCUBA...She explains how ANYONE can reach this level.

Emily also survived a near-fatal car crash & was able to return to a life of diving, with much thanks to SCUBA diving itself.

What makes Underwater Archaeology so fun, dangerous, & important | with Chuck Meide & Kenny Dyal

In the oldest city & the oldest port in the US, L.A.M.P. director discusses everything from working with the team to what they've discovered, & what gets him most excited to get back out there. Searching, mapping, & raising historical shipwrecks are just a small part of the things an underwater archaeologist does for a living. Whether finding cannons, muskets, or even the prized bell of a ship, this interview covers it all. We discuss working as an underwater archaeologist, at a museum, restoring sunken artifacts, & why it benefits us all.

She left her "dream job" in a Manhattan career to pursue a career in Scuba Diving | with Kristen Favorito & Kenny Dyal

Kristen was the winner of "Inspiring PADI Women" and is a published Sport Diver Magazine writer. In this interview she shares the incredible story of how she left a life of "corporate success" in New York City behind...with a one-way ticket to Nepal. She talks about the life of travel through Scuba Diving, how to figure out what makes you happy in your career life, and then actually making a living doing what you TRULY love.

HAPPIEST man alive is a SCUBA Diving Instructor (of course!) & here's why | with Don Bouer & Kenny Dyal

Perhaps one of the most unique interviews ever to happen.  Never mind the resident parrot in the back yard (or front yard, maybe) & the other unusual occurrences that went on.  Don, a 75+ year old SCUBA Instructor, was FUN to talk with, & has one of the most important & useful lessons on life & staying HAPPY.  It's something we can all start doing TODAY.

Female Spearfishing Guide, Divemaster, AND Boat Captain at age 19! | with Carly Friedman & Kenny Dyal

Carly leads spearfishing charters as both a Divemaster underwater & a boat Captain on the surface. As a nineteen year old woman, she lets us in on her day to day, how she commands respect, & of course tips & tricks to anyone else wanting to get out there at a young age. Carly talks sharks, diving, spearfishing for game fish in the Gulf of Mexico, & what she does for fun in this interview from the deck of one of their dive charter boats.

From ZANZIBAR to USA -How to transform a small Dive Shop into HUGE success! | with Paul Shepherd & Kenny Dyal

Paul started diving and teaching in Zanzibar, Africa, & eventually came to the USA to buy & run a dive shop. He & his wife transformed Seminole Scuba dive center, by growing it SEVERAL TIMES what it was when he got it, & he shares with us HOW he did just that. He also leads trips worldwide from the South Pacific to the Red Sea, & tells us the secret to making those trips a success & keeping diving FUN for professionals well into their career.

"Every dive shop owner should easily be making 6 figures & beyond" Here's how | with Chad Barbay & Kenny Dyal

Legendary in the dive industry, Chad Barbay trains retailers & dive professionals how to EASILY succeed with some very simple processes & concepts. Current Manufacturer Representative for some of the most prestigious & well-known equipment lines, & a long-standing career in Scuba Training Agency representation. Whether it's in training or equipment, Chad shares the secret to success in the dive business, & firmly believes anyone can have it with just a few core principles.

The HYPERBARIC CHAMBER: It's not just scuba injuries! | with Mitch Hall & Kenny Dyal

Mitch Hall owns and operates a Hyperbaric Chamber facility, & sits down to share some stories about what really goes on inside of those things. I was SHOCKED to learn of some uses I would have never imagined. Not only for commercial dive operations, but for medical treatments the recompression chambers are used for that has NOTHING to do with diving.

He ran THREE Dive Shops at the same time! Here's how it's done... | With Barry Olson & Kenny Dyal

Barry talks about his prior career managing not one, but THREE dive shops, a handful of pools, & what the recipe for success looks like. More importantly, he shines some light on how to keep your head cool & calm -something he is famous for. He also shares his thoughts on what makes a great dive shop & scuba instructor, vs one likely to fail. He gives examples of customer service, & little tricks for making dive trips & scuba classes just a little more fun.

Boat Captain for Shark Dives, Shark Week, & Scuba Courses | with Captain Tony & Kenny Dyal

From Shark Week to stormy weather, Captain Tony (Black Flag Charters) sees it all in the very busy West Palm Beach offshore dive scene. He shares how to keep calm, keep an eagle eye out, & still enjoy it and have a blast amidst all the responsibility. From full charters to hosting Shark Week two years in a row & counting, his boats are popular, busy, & always getting wet. With all the responsibility, he also shares what he does for that crucial "down time".

More Women than Men! Boat Captains, Divemasters, Scuba Instructors | with Suze MacDonald & Kenny Dyal

Suzie not only runs an operation that has more women than men, she runs one of the largest in the Tampa Bay Area. She also organizes & runs Training Workshops and Instructor programs for aspiring new instructors & boat captains. Suzie has so much to teach us about teamwork, hard work & organization, not to mention diving the Gulf of Mexico! A great interview from one of her own dive charter boats.

Scuba Instructor visits 800+ Dive Shops then starts his own, including a PADI IDC! | with Todd Yarbrough & Kenny Dyal

Todd has visited over 800 dive shops while repping for DAN (Diver's Alert Network), & runs a shop himself. He also hosts many local Instructors at his PADI Instructor Training Facility for IDCs. Todd has also worked extensively mapping local dive sites for published dive guides and Reef Cards. Which of course means he gives us some GREAT insight on diving the lesser-known Panhandle of Florida.

Trial Attorney vs Scuba Instructor | What REALLY happens in court | with Michael Kest & Kenny Dyal

Mike's law firm regularly goes to JURY TRIAL, has an astonishing success record of winning appeals, & has been featured on TV multiple times for winning complicated cases against large entities. How does this apply to diving? 

No Instructor, Dive Shop Owner or Dive Operator wants to get SUED. Michael Kest, a seasoned scuba instructor AND trial attorney, explains how simple it really is to avoid devastating litigation. 

How to start a NON-PROFIT teaching SCUBA independently & do it WELL | Michael Chapman & Kenny Dyal

"Chappy" talks about how he became successful teaching private scuba lessons, why it's always fun for him, & what inspired him to begin teaching for injured First Responders and Veterans. He also discusses what he's experienced as a Law Enforcement dive team Captain & Public Safety Diver. Creator of Sea King Scuba, & the Hero Project, he gives us insight on what keeps him going, how he prefers to teach, & why people keep coming back for more.

Key Elements to RUN & GROW a 20+ year-old Dive Shop (or any business) | with Tracy Grubbs & Kenny Dyal

Tracy has kept a full-service dive shop flourishing & expanding since its inception over 20 years ago. He shares the secrets & tips to coming into an existing shop & growing it, teaching TECH diving, business techniques, how to form relationships in the community, & what he still looks forward to to this day.

BUILDING your "Fan Base" as an Independent SCUBA Instructor | with Mike Dech & Kenny Dyal

Mike Dech shares with us the process of growing into a local power brand for teaching scuba instruction privately. He talks about the challenges starting out, how to avoid them & working with local dive shops as an Independent Instructor. He stays booked, busy, & absolutely loves it. He lets us in on the secret to promoting & filling scuba courses & dive trips, which every independent scuba instructor will want to hear.

From Pro Scuba Instructor to NEAR-FATAL car accident to becoming Mermaid | with Emily Lucy & Kenny Dyal

A tail of triumph, positivity, &  overcoming the impossible. Emily takes us from a debilitating car accident &  how scuba diving not only helped with her therapy but led her to a lifestyle of Mermaiding. She offers techniques &  inspiration, why it just gets more fun, & what motivates her to keep getting better. Emily has a contagious personality which shines through in this super fun interview!

Dr. Bob Sanders of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab talks CAREERS in Scuba Diving with Kenny Dyal

From aquariums to coral reefs, deep diving to training for outer space, scuba diving touches every element of mankind. Yes, astronauts scuba dive...a LOT. In fact, they train for spacewalks underwater! Dr. Bob Sanders is the Medical Director of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas. An important interview for anyone looking to make diving a career. From Antartica to the California Coast, Texas to the International Space Station, scuba diving is everywhere.  

NAUI Training Department's Kris Shannon talks Skills & Stats for Dive Instructors with Kenny Dyal

Kris develops training curriculum & material for NAUI, a major scuba training agency. He talks tips & tricks, some common mistakes he sees, what he loves (& doesn't love) to see out there, how to keep it fun, & how to have a successful business in training. He also lends his own insight into what makes a good instructor. He lets us in on some of his own most memorable moments, while out teaching himself.

Dr. Bob Sanders of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab talks about teaching Scuba Diving with Kenny Dyal

Dr. Bob Sanders is the Medical Director of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas. He is a scuba instructor, & avid diver, with a logbook that spans the globe! Bob was kind enough to invite me to his home to discuss diving, space, the NBL & his own personal experience in scuba diving (& teaching as a scuba instructor).  

The SCUBA DIVING INDUSTRY Today, & where it's heading | with Chad Barbay & Kenny Dyal

Chad Barbay discusses where the dive industry is today, & where it's going. We how to rejuvenate & energize the next generation of divers & dive professionals to see a new phase of rapid growth, in an otherwise stagnated industry. Currently, Chad is a Manufacturer Rep for some of the most prestigious & well-known equipment lines, & has a long-standing career in Scuba Training Agency representation. Whether it's in training or equipment, Chad shares the secret to success in the dive business, & firmly believes anyone can have it with just a few core principles.

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