You've probably already discovered that Sweetwater Scuba is more than just Scuba.

Diving down line

There's a "mystique" between the underwater universe & the general public.

Sweetwater strives to bridge that gap, by making tools for anyone willing to use them.

We lean on Membership to fund these programs. Whether it's "Down to 60", "The Scuba Diving Channel" publishing Children's Books or anything else, we rely on Members to keep moving forward.

It seems that anyone who gets to experience the underwater world gains an appreciation & respect for it. So whether that's conservation, education, or just an overall improved quality of life, there isn't a downside to helping people thrive in the water.

We believe that the more people in the water, the more likely they are to take care of it & preserve it for future generations.

Our mission is only possible with your help:  To show the rest of the world the rest of the world.

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Katie Reich Scuba Diving

(Above) Instructor/Sweetwater Crewmember Katie Reich diving in Key Largo, FL.

All content on this website was created, edited & produced by the Sweetwater Scuba crew. One of the most enjoyable & rewarding elements of our job is actually doing the work ourselves, above & below the surface!