Uncensored, full-length Interviews | In Video & Podcast versions!

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Here you'll find all of the interview VIDEOS & PODCASTS that are publicly available, but uncensored, full-length, & virtually uncut (aside from the "Umms & Mic Checks")

Because these interviews are private only to members, they're "unfiltered".

They're the raw discussions recorded during the interviews intended for the Podcast & Video series on "The Scuba Diving Channel".

Topics are expanded & explored much more in-depth, without the constraints of being censored for general public audiences.

They range from just a few minutes longer, to over an hour longer in some cases.

The nearly endless variety of interviews are PERFECT for road trips, late nights at the work bench, in the craft room, doing housework, or just soaking up wisdom from those who have been in the trenches.

"A smart person learns from his experience, a wise person learns from other people's experience."

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