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Let's LIFT UP the underwater world together. We're all in the same boat.

Sweetwater makes helpful content for divers. Online courses, expert interviews, podcasts, children's books, & the "Down to 60" video series.

"Show the rest of the world the rest of the world."

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Here's what we make:

The Scuba Diving Channel for interviews

Podcast & Video Interview Series | The Scuba Diving Channel

Never before has the entire underwater industry come together to share their success stories, expertise, & just plain 'ol advice. Leaders from travel to equipment, aquariums to scuba instructors, mermaids to boat captains, & everything in between can be found here. If you love the water, & want to know "how they did it" & "why they do it", this channel is for you.  

All interviews are available in Video AND Podcast versions, on all major platforms.

Down to 60 scuba instructional video

"Down to 60"  -One Minute Briefing Videos

Sixty second info videos hit the crucial points you're looking for, in a light-hearted, enthusiastic & fun way. After years of writing itineraries, guide programs, dive briefings, we decided to build it all down into one chewable desert! 

The goal is to get everything you MUST know about a dive site or skill into a 60 second video, & leave out the FLUFF.

We try to enlist local gurus & volunteers to help us help you.

"If you do it right, 60 seconds is all you need."

Down to 60 scuba video instructional video

Scuba Certification Kid's Book "How to Become a Scuba Diver"

Information overload NO MORE!

Over 20 years in the making (sort of) to bring you the easiest explanation to getting scuba certified, and what it means to be a diver.

A little funny, maybe a little gross, but information made simple. A great gift for future divers, and a MUST for dive shop shelves & promotions everywhere! 

Paperback now available on Amazon, an ideal gift for parents with kids 5-8.

Down to 60 scuba video instructional video


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Growing the Scuba Diving & Aquatic world is good for all of us, even our oceans.

No matter your agency, skill level, brand preference, or underwater activity you love, we're all part of the same family! We believe the community will benefit astronomically by having a place to get reliable info FAST & EASILY. 

Laid back & uplifting.

Dive Shop or Mermaid - we'd love to be your buddy.

Help us "Show the rest of the world, the rest of the world"

Learn, be entertained, or even contribute. Hope to see you on board!

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